30 May 2010

Good Company

Coming and going outside my window this afternoon, in no particular order:
  • robin
  • black-capped chickadee  (I love these little guys!)
  • downy woodpecker
  • Steller's jay
  • Bewick's wren
  • Oregon junco
And eastern gray squirrels, of course, careful to stay out of whippet-reach.

Just puttering around. Nothing exotic, even if I could recognize something exotic, which I probably couldn't. But good company.

I really need to put out a feeder.


  1. If you get all that without a feeder, why add one? Our feeder being also on a raptor migration route has become a snack stop. Wonderful collection of song birds and hungry drop-ins. Never forget the morning a young eagle and our cat were out there doing the posturing dance over fallen prey.

  2. Nice collection of good company.

    My neighbor's low hanging feeder attracts more squirrels and ducks than songbirds. A low feeder with a couple narrow dogs patrolling and I guess you'd get some action ;)

    Now, let me be clear -- I'm not suggesting that!

  3. Patrick -So who got the prey, the eagle or the cat?

    Donna - With a low hanging feeder, recreational squirrel chasing would at least keep the narrow dogs narrow!