18 May 2010

Why Do We Have So Many Dog Beds?

Whippets have no concept of personal space.

Ernie was not a particularly standoffish greyhound; he just preferred to have a bed to himself. All of our other greyhounds, of either gender, always felt the same way. One dog, one bed. In training and on the track, greyhounds are accustomed to having their own kennel space. When they first come off the track, some retired racers can be pretty testy about being approached where they sleep. Although Ernie was never crabby when Bareit invaded his personal space, he always resignedly got up and went off to sleep someplace else.

It was a thing Bareit could never understand. It's just not part of the whippet mindset. The boys got along fine in every other respect, but their preferences in this regard were irreconcilable.

With two whippets, it's different.

Giada (her registered name is Apex Everyday Italian -- her breeder is a Food Network fan) is now Jasmine, or Jaz. She seems to be settling in fine, thanks for asking. Like Bareit, she's a washout from the show ring. Bareit didn't have the temperament to be a show dog; Jaz didn't have the body. When they're playing in the yard, she doesn't understand why Bareit's always chasing her. Bareit doesn't understand why she's always running away. They'll figure it out. The two of them are well on their way to becoming a dog unit. Jaz is very fond of Tuffy, who is flattered by her attention. Although she's still on her best behavior, she has the potential to be a world-class counter surfer and Bareit's capable partner in creative mischief.

From years of habit we still set out one bed for each dog, but I'm thinking we can reclaim some of our floor space. One greyhound-sized dog bed can probably accommodate 6-8 whippets. Maybe more.

One full-size human bed can accommodate two adult humans and two whippets, although the sharing of covers is a matter of perpetual negotiation. And whippets never have enough pillows.


  1. Great picture of them together. Nothing like dogs snuggling with each other, if you ask me. I'm glad they're in synch on the togetherness.

  2. Love this posting! I can't wait to meet Jasmine. A dog unit--what a concept. Our big cat Weezy wrestles with the kittens in turn, then gets one in a headlock and furiously cleans him.

  3. Why do you have so many beds? For the greyhounds you're going to adopt.

  4. So sweet. I want to jump in with them.