30 November 2013


Facebook seems to think I recently turned 103. I never expected to make it to 103. Honestly, I don't feel a day over 97.

I've been getting birthday wishes, out of the blue, for about the past month. I don't remember this happening in years past. It makes me wonder if they were afraid I wouldn't make it.

I got a real, hard-copy birthday card from Tin Man. I get one from their family every year. It always arrives exactly on my birthday, which I find incredibly irritating because I've never sent one to any of them. I'm sure they don't do it to make me feel inadequate; at least, I don't think they do. Scarecrow thinks I'm projecting my motivations onto people who are really a lot nicer than I am. He's probably right.

Scarecrow came back from the store last weekend with two turkeys; a small (ish) one to roast on the grill, and a large (ish) frozen one that was free with a ridiculously huge grocery purchase. Good thing we like turkey, because between that and all the other stuff, we sat down to a truly embarrassing amount of food. Last year we had Arkman, our six-foot-plus nephew, to help us out. I can tell you a turkey looks a whole lot bigger without him on the other side of the table! I told Robin not to make a big deal out of it. Really, a roast chicken – a roast game hen! – would be plenty, but he says he finds it entertaining. And he doesn't have to cook again for a month, so there's that.