24 May 2010

Stop Me if You've Heard This Before

My dad tells the same stories, over and over.

It's hardly surprising. He's almost 90, after all. He's got a lot of stories to tell, and although I've heard most of them before, occasionally he comes up with a new one.

I, on the other hand, am not almost 90, even though some days I look it, and most days I feel it. Still, I'm becoming painfully familiar with the fixed smile and glazed look that Scarecrow and Tuffy get when I start to tell a story they've already heard, but they're too polite to say so. Nothing makes me feel old and absent-minded like getting caught repeating myself. Did I say that already?

Lately I find I forget what I've written about in previous blog posts. The titles don't even sound familiar. I tell myself it's OK. If I repeat myself, I'm just being considerate. After all, one can't assume that anyone who might be reading a blog has read every previous post. If being considerate happens to coincide with being absent-minded, this is one circumstance where I guess it's OK. There are way too many, after all, where it's not.

So if you've heard this before, don't stop me. I want to hear it again.


  1. OMG, I had to laugh when I read this. I know that I repeat myself a lot in my blog. I also know that it is the MS, because I used to be one sharp cookie. Those days are gone, alas. So, to the people who have an issue with it, all they have to do is click onward to the next blog on their list.

    I haven't noticed much repetition on your blog though, so I think you're worrying about nothing.

    BTW, how's World Without End coming along?

  2. My dad is well known for telling stories, long detailed ones, over and over. We're not as polite as Scarecrow and Tuffy. In my family, we use a gesture with extra fingers by our forehead indicating that the story is a re-run.

    However, I now forget who I told what to. And, in the unlikely event that I recognize you telling a re-run, I'll be polite. :)

  3. I forgot what you said yesterday so repeat at will! =)

  4. LOL X2--I often start conversations with:"If I've told you this before tell me stop me." I have repeated sooo many family stories over the years, meeting so many new people...and my blog, I feel like I have nothing untold to tell, but people will comment questions that lead me to believe they are reading about Aunt Vi for the first time. Ya know? I have never minded hearing a good story over and over again. It tells me much about the story teller. We with brain issues must accept that we will forget, we will repeat, and anybody who doesn't like it can go bake cookies. I read so many blogs in a day that I often get mixed up on which I just read, sometimes I comment TWICE because I forgot I did already put in 2 cents. Then some blogs I lose track of, think I JUST read them and realize it was a month ago! Ugh. But, I forgive myself because I do have MS and such things will happen. I can't believe the birthdays I forgot this year...I do hate that. Luckily, my friends understand. (And yes, I write notes, but forget where I put them.)

  5. the fortunate thing about having MS is that you often forget entirely stories you've heard or read, so they can seem new yet again....

  6. You guys crack me up!

    Webster - World Without End (Book Without End?) was long, for sure, but I enjoyed it.

    Donna - If you catch me repeating myself, feel free to apply fingers to forehead.

    Sherry - =D

    Diane - "sometimes I comment TWICE because I forgot I did already" Too funny!

    Dabble - I can't tell you how many times I've been part way through a book or movie when I start to wonder why I know what's going to happen next!