26 May 2010

World MS Day

Second annual.


Look, I am indebted to organizations that raise awareness of MS, and raise money for research, and all that. They do good work. I appreciate it. I do. I asked my local MS Society chapter for help on a couple of occasions, and got it. A couple of years ago I took advantage of an aquatics program they sponsored at the local YMCA. They sent me information a couple of times, and I appreciate the resources they make available through their web site. I owe them. I know I do.

I guess I feel like I should be more of a booster. It just seems that in the great majority of my interactions with MS organizations, they are asking me for money. There's nothing wrong with that. I know fundraising doesn't just happen. If you want to raise money, you have to ask for it.

Please forgive me if I can't get more excited about the second annual world MS day. I just feel like MS has already taken everything I had to give.


  1. Hey Zoom,
    Are you in Seattle? email me please

  2. what? they ask you for money too? LOL

  3. I divide your "woot". I am glad the local MS Society has helped you. They have never helped me. I raised money for them in walks, bowling, etc., and just don't see the return. That said, I also agree that I am indebted to ALL researchers and THEY need money, but most likely if a cure is found it will be thanks to medical or drug or university monies/grants. email Lisa

  4. I also don't get worked up because now EVERY day or month is for some disease. I can't keep track. So for me, for my blog, every day I will attempt to raise awareness for MS and many other disease, conditions, and disabilities.