20 May 2010

Celebrating the twentieth of May

One evening the king will say, 'Oh, Liza, old thing —
I want all of England your praises to sing.
Next week, on the twentieth of May,
I proclaim Liza Doolittle day!

Audrey Hepburn was beautiful, but Julie Andrews will always be Liza Doolittle. Just so you know.

OK, I admit it, dark shameful secret: I love musical theater. That's even more humiliating than admitting I like old-timey music, but there it is. Now you know.

It never bothered me that characters burst into song for no apparent reason. The production number with only a tenuous tie to the plot line? Whyever not? Camelot! My Fair Lady! Oklahoma! The Unsinkable Molly Brown! I could rarely afford to see a live performance, but when I did it was a big production, so to speak. A Chorus Line. Irma La Douce. Richard Kiley in Man of La Mancha. Debbie Reynolds and Harve Presnell in Annie Get Your Gun. The Robber Bridegroom (Scarecrow was one half of the two-man on-stage orchestra for the Boarshead Theater production in Lansing Michigan in 1989. I think I saw it four times.)

So, May 20th. Happy Liza Doolittle day.


  1. Sound tracks from musicals are nice. Actual musicals, well...hmm...

    Happy May 20th - Liza Doolittle day!

  2. I, too, love musical theater -- actually dramatic theater as well. I'm fortunate in that I live not that far from NYC and have been able to see Broadway plays. I wrote a blog about my love of theater not too long ago. So, there's at least two of us coming out and admitting it!

  3. Back athcha! You've got it! By George I think you've got it. I musicals too.