28 May 2010

Easily Distracted

OK. I'm sitting at my desk, dutifully working my way through the list of referrals for home care I got from the MS society. I haven't actually called anybody yet. I'm still visiting webpages, comparing services, that kind of thing.


There's a pileated woodpecker on the tree right outside my window! (Credit where credit is due. I did not leap up and grab my camera for this shot. In fact, this is a male. The bird outside my window was a female. But she was about this close -- without a telephoto lens. Credit for this photo is to Tom Munson of the Idaho Department of Fish and Game.)

Even though they're not uncommon around here, pileated woodpeckers are very distracting birds. They're big and flashy and she was really close and when I'm doing something I don't want to do I have the attention span of a gnat on crack.

(I didn't take this picture either. It's another male.)

Well it's 6:30 and Scarecrow is working on something that smells really good for dinner. Have you ever noticed how it's hard to concentrate when you're hungry? With the long weekend and everything, maybe I'd better come back to this home care thing on Tuesday, when I can  focus.

Yeah. That's what I'll do.


  1. Great siting right outside your window! And, the second photo is a hoot. Oh, Tin Tin is still hanging out on the light post in my neighborhood but no close-ups.

    Nice distraction!

  2. I find myself putting stuff off more and more lately, for the FUN things around me. Happens a lot around this time of year when Dr. appts begin. I was fascinated by a cute, plump bird on balcony, finally got u close to check it out---it was a clump of dirt from flowers on upstaurs balcony. Where is a woodpecker when you need one?

  3. I never see any woodpeckers around here so even if they are not your shots I love looking!
    I have been away from the blogs and look what happens they have gone to the birds LOL LOL I love birds really truly I do.

    I hope to get down to the refuge soon and try and get some pics.