10 May 2010

Bareit's New Buddy

Timing is everything.

Although Bareit was doing surprisingly well as an only dog, we really wanted him to have some company during the day. Greyhound Pets recently brought in 22 dogs from Oklahoma. They'll be available for adoption in a couple of weeks, after they've been vetted, neutered, etc. We expected that one of them would become Bareit's new buddy. Really, what's the chance that we'd come across a whippet looking for new digs sooner than that?

Like Bareit, Giada is a refugee from the show ring. She's a sweet little thing, petite and fine-boned. Next to her, Bareit looks like a tank and sounds like he's stomping his feet when he trots down the hall. They got along fine.

What are the chances?

Scarecrow now has two little red and white shadows.


  1. How adorable!!! Good luck with your shadows!

  2. Beautiful girl -- she looks young. So, do you folks only have whippets now? And, is there a psychological interpretation that goes along with shifting from greyhounds to whippets? :)

    Glad Bareit's got company now.

  3. Zoom - so great! She looks sweet and happy. We may have Sally's replacement quite soon, too.

  4. She sure is cute. Scarecrow and his Shadows stomping through the house . ... (to the tune of me and my shadow)

    Are you still going to get a Greyhound?

  5. Tippy - Thanks!

    Donna - She'll be three in September, so she's just a little younger than Bareit. Psychology? Guilt, mostly. The greyhounds need homes more than she did. But she was really cute...

    Cranky - Another mini-dachs! Can't wait to meet him/her!

    Jan - Always room for another greyhound! Of course, I'm not the one who actually has to do the work...

  6. Cool. I'm jealous. What you guys are doing for those dogs is just terrific.