01 June 2010

More Distractions

My task for the day was to contact some people about backup/respite home care, and I may yet get to it. I was distracted by a conversation I had yesterday with my mother, about a picture of my grandmother.

My cousin, who sent me the picture, says it was taken when Grandma Helen was 17, which would've been around 1907. It was obviously taken at a farm. As far as I knew, Grandma Helen was a city girl, born and raised in Toledo, Ohio. I asked my mom if she knew how my grandmother came to have her picture taken at a farm.

My mom confirmed that my grandmother always lived in town, but she remembered visiting an Aunt Louise and Uncle John on a farm when she was a little girl. That was the only farm she could think of. Although my mom had, conservatively, a million aunts and uncles, she did not have an Aunt Louise or an Uncle John. She thought they were related to my grandmother somehow.

After a little digging around, it turns out my great-grandmother had a sister named Louise, who married a guy named John. They lived near Toledo in 1920 and 1930, which would've been about the right time. They would've been my grandmother's aunt and uncle. Good enough for me. I'll call the mystery solved.

So that was the distraction du jour. It's only 3:30, so unless I come up with something else I'm going to have to get back to that list of home care referrals.

Wait, I found a couple of bills I need to pay.


  1. Those sound like good distractions to me. ;-)

  2. Don't be so quick with the label "distractions". Some people take the shortest path to get somewhere while others wander and enjoy the journey. :)

    Caregivingly Yours, Patrick

  3. I like all your distractions but I hope you can find your way clear to make the call and give an agency a try. Or, perhaps go through Craigs list?

  4. Distractions are good aren't they?

  5. Thanks guys, I needed more excuses to procrastinate!

    Cranky - Monday, for sure. I mean it.