08 June 2010

In the Middle of Everything

I suppose being in the middle of something, while not as emotionally satisfying and morally laudable as having finished, is better than not having started it yet.

Project: Come up with a different way to control my power chair before I'm trampled flat (again) by the Red Queen.

Status: Given that these projects always take longer than you expect, probably not as far along as I'd like to think. I spent the weekend trying out a loaner chair outfitted with a head array control. I decided it will eventually work better for me than a joystick, which is unfortunately not saying a great deal. The next step is to find out how much it might cost to outfit my current chair with such a thing. The first step in the next step is to meet with Mike the wheelchair guy again. We're doing that tonight.

Project: Arrange for backup/respite home care.

Status: I called up a couple of the places on the list of referrals we got from the MS society. We'll meet with one later this week, another early next week. I'm playing phone tag with a third place. I admit the thing that finally got me moving on this was that the last time I saw the Rehab Medicine guy, two months ago, I assured him I would take care of it. I've got an appointment with him on Wednesday. I find shame and humiliation to be very effective motivators. But hey, it's better than not having started it yet.

Project: Acquaint new pack member with the rudiments of civilized behavior.

Status: We're not there yet. For such a narrow dog, she's kind of a mooch at meal times. Her taste in literature, while enviably broad, apparently prompted her to devour a couple of Tuffy's books. Scarecrow found little doggy footprints in the kitchen sink this morning. But she's very sweet...


  1. Mr Catfish ate my childhood Bible that my Grandparents gave to me - I guess he was trying to get religion?

    Now foot prints in the sink - you got me there LOL cat prints yeah but never doggy ummm guess your little one is very good at augh err LOL

    Annie has never eaten a thing except butter, chicken, dinner (yeah the whole thing) we humans thought we should have eaten . ...

    But they are so dang cute and lovable!!!

    I wonder could one of those monkeys run the dang chair LOL LOL just joking.

    Seriously, I sure hope you get it figured out and something working that you consider very doable.

  2. A literary whippet. I'll say! Don't despair, in time I bet you will be racing past your hounds! And don't be hard on yourself, this is a big deal and you are very brave to persevere. MS is not for the meek. (Guess we won't inherit the earth...but with BP gluming it up...)

  3. Oh, your new little four-pawed one is a counter cruiser too! Thanks be to God that Romeo has almost been broken of that bad habit. Monday when we came home from PT, four donuts were gone. (we forgot to put them in the cupboard) The packaging was not to his taste and was his undoing. Poor guy -- got bonked on the head with the styrofoam accompanied by a "This is a NO!"

    Perhaps we need to find a playmate for him. One who is also past the chewing stage.