03 March 2010

Spring Fever

When the weather gets like this, it's probably just as well I no longer have a day job, as I wouldn't be getting anything done. Blue sky, sunshine, warm(ish). Flowering plums. I love flowering plums -- they look like cotton candy trees. Crocuses. Forsythia. Azaleas. Pink! Yellow! Purple! When the first flowering plants are in bloom against a background of evergreens and the sun comes out of the clouds, this place is spectacular.

Spring fever.

Even if spring isn't officially here for another two and a half weeks, it's starting to look like spring to me. As ailments go, spring fever is one I'm glad to have. I might only get it for part of the day; a weather phenomenon Seattleites colloquially call a "sun break". I get it every year, but this is the first year I don't feel guilty about coming down with it because there's nothing else I really should be doing.

I could use a serious case of spring fever right about now. My arms and hands have been even more useless than usual lately. I tried to sign some papers the other day, and found that even the ridiculous scribble I've been using for a signature is beyond me now. We need to arrange for some backup/respite care, so Scarecrow and I aren't joined at the hip 24/7. Despite the lateral support in the back rest of my power chair, it's getting harder and harder to sit up straight. I can't control the chair with the joystick anymore, so I don't go anywhere. And it's getting hard to take a deep breath. Stuff I don't want to think about, and chores I don't want to do.

I don't know if spring fever is on anybody's list of treatments for MS, but it ought to be.


  1. Oh your description of the flowering plums and blooms against the evergreens - gosh I can see em!

    Some of my fondest childhood memories are visiting my Aunt and Uncle up there - Des Moines/Kent area off the sound.

    My aunt would make pies for all the berries I could pick. I would spend half the day gathering and then eat the rewards. She is an awesome cook.

    Spring is in the air yes indeed!


  2. Yeah, this spring reprieve is certainly lifting my spirits. Loads of trees in town with blossoms.

    I'm sorry you're coming to a next level stage in accommodations. I don't have much experience with this yet and my adaptive needs are still minor. However, I seem to get kerfuddled for a bit when the old plan doesn't work anymore. Good luck on ironing out what you need.