05 March 2010

No Comment

If you post to a blog in the forest and the trees don't comment...

It's all about comments, isn't it? This whole blogging thing?

At first I was fascinated by the hit counter. How many people? How long? How many pages? Where were they from? Who knew that you could land on my blog by entering "moping around with self-pity" in a search engine?

But really, it's all about comments. When I publish a post, I can't wait to hear what my blogger buddies (you know who you are) have to say. I value your opinions and treasure your support. I rarely leave comments in response to your comments because, well, because I'm a lazy slime weasel, but I appreciate them, every one. I do.

I don't often leave comments on my regular round of blogs, probably because I'm a lazy slime weasel. But know that there are times when I open the comment box only to stare at it, feeling there's nothing I could write that could possibly help you or ease your pain. So I don't write anything. I'm much more likely to write "LOL" or "yeah, me too." That emotional support stuff is hard, and I'm lazy. It doesn't seem like writing "I read what you wrote. I hear you" could mean anything, but I know it does. I know I appreciate it when people do that for me. For the times I should've said that but didn't, I'm sorry.

Another runaway blog. I don't know that I had anything particular in mind to write, but I'm pretty sure this is not at all what I intended. So, yeah.


  1. Um, you've just described a universal thought. I'm really bad about commenting. Honestly, I kinda skip posts I want to read in my Google Reader (delete the ones I don't) and plan to come back to read. Sometimes I don't make it back until a week or two later.

    So, yeah to all that you said. LOL.

  2. Must be something in the water ... I just made a similar comment on another blog. It is NEVER about the comments!!!!! Over the years I have watched too many good people give up sharing good information and good stories because of the competition for comments. Aghhh!!! It is all about HOWLING AT THE MOON! :)

    Caregivingly Yours, Patrick

  3. I read what you wrote. I hear you.

    But, yeah, I know what you mean, seriously. I love to hear from other folks when I add a post. It's interesting to hear their reactions and get their support as well.

    I think it's the acknowledgment and knowing that someone actually reads what I'm writing that I love the most.

  4. Nail on the head, Zoom!

    Jennifer and I can post something to our blog, and if we don't get any comments, we're thinking nobody's visiting or nobody liked what we had to say.

    When we started our blog, I actually would try and send a direct response through a private e-mail. I soon realized I'd never have enough time.

    And then to comment to a comment, we're trying to get better with that because the comments mean a lot to us. Like the one you recently left in response to our blog about dancing. So with that I'll say: Thanks Zoom! It was great to hear about the last time you danced with Scarecrow to Cajun music. No matter how you do it, keep dancing!

    Keep blogging, my friend. I always enjoy reading what you have to say.

  5. Yeah, I'm hooked on comments too. I try to write whatever I need to write. Then I recall part of the reason I started blogging was to also connect with people. Folks who understood the continual adjustment in thinking one must deal with as the new-normal keeps changing.

    That being said, there are many blogs that I read, and often touch me, on which I've never left a comment. Or only do so randomly. Often I'm reading when fatigued and am on my side -- not good for typing. I also get overwhelmed with daily blogs.

    Oh yes the counter. When one enters "girls loosing panties" in google, my post about Losing the Big Girl Panties in the Parking Garage comes up. I imagine their deep disappointment and wtf when they click on a post about some sick gal crying in the the parking garage. Bwa-haa-haa! I actually get some perverse pleasure out of that! :)

    Well, crikey. Your post was title "No Comment". I hope that wasn't a request. Because if it was I not only disregarded it but did so in spades! I appreciate your comments when you have one and are inclined to do so. But lazy slime weasel -- c'mon!

  6. The blog world has been kind of silent compared to years past I think Facebook and sites like it have really changed how we use the social media.

    I love comments, I stopped watching the hit counter quite sometime ago. My ego could not take it LOL

    I wish more blogs were set up to notify me back when someone replies to a comment I made on another blog.

    I started flagging posts I want to go back and comment on so I would not forget and even then I biff it sometimes.

    It is strange but I find it hard to comment on a blog for the first time guess I should so more peeps know I am reading.

    Great post by the way!


  7. Just kidding. Like Lisa said: what you said me too. Many of unleft comments vanished enroute to loo.
    Some disappear and I am then too finger tired to rewrite. Some blogs I FORGET (imagine that---MS inside joke), a lot goes wrong when I blog, period. But I LOVE reading comments (yes, on my blog but on yours and others, really adds to it.) My VRT is not cutting it, I type as much correcting it. See, Jan is saying a whole lot of stuff I don't know how to do and am too lazy to learn. Patrick, of course is right---we write because we must...but yeah, if I get NO comments I think...hmmm, that really bombed. I'll never forget the thrill of my first comment. I was sure my mom or BFF or partner did it, but they wouldn't fess up...turned out to be a real person far away---wow.