17 March 2010

Schedule Malfunction

It never fails, seems like. With nothing on my schedule for months in either direction, two things I want to do happen at the same time.

I've been trying to get together with an ex-coworker for a while now, just to catch up, but since she lives way the heck at the opposite end of town, still has a day job, and has to juggle kids and parents and all, it takes some doing. So when we finally figured she could come up on Sunday afternoon, I was really looking forward to seeing her.

Then I remembered that this Sunday afternoon a bunch of the local greyhound folks were planning a walk around Green Lake. I was looking forward to that, too.

Decisions, decisions.

Not a big deal. We'll figure something out. It just seems like the chance of something like this happening ought to be less than 100%, don't you think?

Tuffy is on spring break as of yesterday. I see from her Facebook page that she's planning to spend it trying to find a summer job, applying for a scholarship I've been bugging her about, brushing up on her Chinese, and getting a head start on reading for next term. And I see my cousin reminding her to take some time to goof off and have fun, like she was going to forget. It seems odd to me that I frequently find out what's going on with Tuffy or Scarecrow from their Facebook pages, but there it is. Perhaps it's just my failure to keep pace with technology, but it seems weird to communicate by IM from one end of the house to the other, or even from across the room. We do it all the time, but it still seems weird.

I see from the gingersnap cookie Tuffy left for me in the cupboard that she stopped at Honeybear Bakery yesterday. Nice!

I just got an IM from Scarecrow saying he wants to knock off early and go home. Blue sky, sunshine... I'm out of here!

1 comment:

  1. LOL at least you can figure out the facebook thing I have given up other than the wall and the mail I am at a loss. Just lots of heart things, game invites - augh.

    A big problem for me is I always seem to figure out what is going on around me way after the fact. Interpersonal communication skills are out the window.

    I guess I am lucky that KRP is not an IM'r gosh If I had the IM thingy on and got one by the time I figured out what it meant it would be over and done with!

    Did you enjoy the sunshine and blue skies?