29 March 2010

Accessibility For All

After a remodel that took 15 months and cost way more than we could afford, our house is now pretty much accessible. We've got the ramp, a front door that is much easier to negotiate, the wide pocket doors, the accessible bathroom and all. We also have a new latch on the kitchen door.

This was not in the scope of the original project. The thumb-latch type handle on the door between the kitchen and the deck broke shortly after we started, and we've been limping along using the keyed deadbolt, with a rag stuffed in the  hole where the latch used to be. Finally, last week, Scarecrow installed a lock with the strap-style latch recommended for accessibility.

It's accessible, all right. It took Bareit the ever-vigilant whippet about 15 minutes to learn to open the door by jumping up and hitting the latch with his paw. Now the thunder of whippet feet pounding across the yard is punctuated by the slam of the latch into the wall of the kitchen as he bursts through the door, races on muddy feet through the living room, down the hall, and launches himself in a soaring, aerobatic leap onto the bed.

So we're back to using the keyed deadbolt, to keep the whippet in. Or out. But at least it's accessible.


  1. Fantastic on the remodel. There is nothing we can do around this condo that would improve the accessibility save move LOL. I am gambling on it not becoming a major issue - umm . ... until we win the lottery.

    Now Bareit the whippet is receiving cheers from Catfish and Annie, As far as they are concerned no childproof lock is unlock-able, no door un-open-able ha ha save the dead bolt - oh yeah hear you there! We just leave the key in the front door on the inside as they have not figured out how to turn it - YET.

    At least we have no mud they can get into in the little backyard/patio area. All bricks and cement now that way we could put in a doggie door - just lots of wet paw prints but no mud - thank goodness.

    15 months? and all we get to see is a door knob? Gosh so bet your glad it is over! Must have been crazy with stuff torn up as the process proceeded.


  2. Zoom - great read! You painted such a wonderful picture of Bareit happily frolicking in and out through that door, happily wreaking havoc.

  3. Damned smart whippets! Nothing but love and trouble, I say.

  4. Too funny! Well, maybe it wasn't at the time. But this does expand the accessibility domain.

  5. Too funny. Those guys love life with you!