20 November 2012

Set Me a Good Example

Somehow, I expected Tuffy to be diligent about posting on her blog, and somehow I expected that would motivate me to post on my own. (Not that I'm competitive or anything.)

It's not working.

I suppose I should be glad that she's too busy having real life adventures to sit down and write about them, and I am glad. I am. I don't want to be the needy, nosy parent, and I know she's busy and she has a lot of stuff going on and all that, and that's all good, really. Really really. Neither of us have ever been much for chatting on the phone. There is Skype and it's a fine thing and we've done that a couple of times but I should probably let her know that if she ever wants to, you know, talk, that would be OK. In the meantime, I have to admit that Facebook status updates and photos are a lot more than my parents ever got from me when I was her age.

Scarecrow went out and got a mess of Indian food for my birthday. Not much else planned by way of celebration. But birthdays? Sure, I'll take as many of 'em as the powers-that-be see fit to send my way, and happy to do it.


  1. I have enjoyed reading Tuffy's blog about her experiences in Japan, but I get it. I do. Still it must be hard for you, as her Mom, not to hear from her more regularly. I guess thank God for Facebook. Gee, did I really type that? I hate Facebook!

  2. Webster never, rarely, posts on facebook, some how I am hooked--so many interesting people. I would have loved face booking and even emailing with my mom, we shared everything. I must chk out her blog now. You are a good mother when your babies fly away. I wish I had had kids.