04 November 2012

Catching Up

It's fall, and the leaves are doing that. With the shift back to standard time and the typically gloomy November weather, it starts looking like it's getting dark right after lunch. Scarecrow went out to scoop the dog yard and get the current batch of leaves off the deck. It appears he got carried away, and is raking leaves off the roof and removing a season's worth of compost from the gutters. He'll just have to do it again when the rest of the leaves come down, but he knows that. Won't hurt to do it twice.

I've been reading about what my Blogger Buddies have been doing while I wasn't looking. Honestly, for plot twists, and suspense, and cliff-hangers, authors of fiction have nothing on you folks! Being lazy, I'd always rather read about your adventures than write about my own, and your combined output for the past year or so will keep me in reading matter for a while yet.


  1. We'd all love to hear about you, also! Take your time, but keep us in the loop!
    Leaves in gutters = trouble!

  2. I missed a cliffhanger? Good to have you back.

    I just caught the maintenance guy and requested a good cleaning out of our carport roof gutters. If I could get up there and do it myself I would. The draining is non existent so my truck gets bombarded by drips of yucky brown drops.