10 November 2012

I Think I Need One of These

The wheelchair guy was here yesterday. This is a new wheelchair guy, one who belongs to the new insurance network, but he seems OK. We're working with a new PT, too, because the old one (with whom I'd worked for many years and who I liked a lot) didn't belong to the new network, but the new one seems OK, as long as I don't actually have to go in for an appointment, because the bathrooms in that building are really not very accessible even though it's a rehab medicine facility, for cryin' out loud! What were they thinking?

Where was I?

Nothing exciting in the works, chair-wise. A new seat cushion, because the one I have is getting distinctly butt-shaped. Taking a switch I can no longer work by hand no matter where I put it and moving it to my head array someplace, although we haven't figured out where, yet, exactly. And upgrading the electronics so the chair steers and tracks better, although the previous wheelchair guy said they couldn't do that in a chair this old, but this guy says they can. I guess we'll see about that.

Like anything having to do with medical equipment, it won't be cheap, which has me wondering how much I want to spend to upgrade a five-year-old chair. But whatever.

After a long blogging sabbatical, there are several things I want to catch up on, and I can't decide where to go first. Nothing that won't keep 'til another day, I suppose. Nice, not having a deadline!


  1. Would you believe my PCP office is not handicapped accessible!?

  2. I am glad that I get my PCP and PT appts. at the hospital, because there are no accessibility worries there. My neurologist has an accessible office as well. I'm lucky in that regard. As with medical equipment being expensive, since I am totally dependent on Medicare and its supplement policy, I am totally screwed/ stuck with whatever they deem is best for me. Argh!

  3. I want the chair in that picture!!!

  4. Oh the joys of figuring out all the new technology! My doc visits are all at the hospital complex so no accessibility issues there - so far.

    Can not wait for your updates.


  5. Dear neighbor, just glad to see (read) you back! I think of you often.

  6. Styling chair. Imagine if it was equipped with a head array instead of the gold levers, you'd have an elegant crown.

    My new Primary's office is a converted house. While technically accessible, the waiting room has no chairs. Just a built-in cushioned bench against the wall. It's fashionable looking but screams to me, "Only healthy people with occasional sinus infections enter here." It's like they purposely haven't planned for old folks, people in pain, and anyone with proximal stability issues. And, you'd have to occupy the center of the waiting room looking stylish in your crown. ;)