21 November 2010

Two Dog Night

It's starting to get cold here at night. Cold for Seattle, that is. It's not the same as Michigan-cold, of course, but cold enough for narrow dogs that don't carry much adipose tissue or fur for insulation. Although we provide them with dog beds, they prefer to sleep in a pile with the rest of their pack. On our bed.

Or more accurately, in our bed. They bring their wet fur and gritty little feet and cold pointy noses in from outside and hover expectantly until Scarecrow lifts the covers, letting in a rush of cold air, and they burrow to the foot of the bed, jostling for the best spot, between the humans. It can be very bracing.

If Scarecrow doesn't lift the covers, either because he's asleep or because he doesn't want the bed to be infested with cold wet whippets, one of them will insert a pointy little nose under the edge of the blankets and, in an attempt to get under the covers without assistance, will bulldoze them into a pile at the bottom of the bed with its head and possibly its shoulders under the pile. Alternatively, one of them will tromp around on top of the bed until the covers are in a small heap, and will then lay down on the heap.

Best to let them in. They warm up before too long.

After a while, the mattress starts to vibrate. They're panting. It's only a matter of time before one of them stands up and jumps off the bed, taking the covers with them.

I've read speculation that one of the benefits that canine domestication offered to both species was that sleeping together would conserve heat.

I'm not buying it.

On an unrelated note, I had another birthday yesterday. It kind of snuck up on me. You lose track, once you get to my age. That would be... let me think... 443. In dog years. But I really don't feel a day over 435.


  1. Sweet photo! Happy Belated Birthday. You look great for 443 ;)

  2. Happy Birthday, ZD!! I don't know what your dog years are -- I always thought it was 7 to our 1. Funny tale about the pups!!

  3. Happy Birthday Zoomer, whatever your age is.

    I don't let Romeo sleep on the bed. He leans on me and I can't move. It's hard enough to move without him there, so he can sleep in his own comfy bed.

  4. Holy tamoly Zoom! That's hardcore dog love or something. I'm guessing that you and Scarecrow were nomadic reindeer herders in a former life and the instincts still remain for mixed species group heap of warmth under the covers :)

    Seriously, like Karen said, that is a really sweet photo.

    And, this 443 business doesn't divide evenly into seven. So, I'm guessing there's a different conversion ratio for narrow dogs that you're using or you're just plain messing with us. In any case, belated happy birthday!

  5. Happy Birthday - a tad late I know but . ...
    I too got lost converting dog years?

    I will go with Bibliotekaren's idea on that one.

    hey dogs are great warmers although picking blankets up off the floor kind of defeats the whole comfort thing.

    Annie is a bed monster! She is not skinny nor a herder breed so I dunno. Catfish is a great cuddle bug.

    Hope Birthday was great!!!!!!!

  6. 435 it is! You are as old as you feel. (Oh God, help me.) LOL