23 November 2010

Dog Years

In response to the folks who read my last post and tried to convert my age in dog years to people years, there really isn't a simple linear equivalence. Dogs are sexually mature at six months to a year, which might correspond to human of about 13. They're physically mature at two or three years, comparable to a human in their late teens or early 20s. They're mentally mature at, well, don't hold your breath. For either species. A dog might start to show its age at 7 to 9 years, like a human who can start taking advantage of the senior discount at the movies.

But it's not that simple. While small dogs tend to mature faster and live longer than large dogs, the relationship between size or weight and longevity isn't linear, either. Some breeds typically live longer than others of similar size. It all depends. If you're really interested, and not just trying to guess how old I am, here is a pretty good summary.

My conversion algorithm is proprietary, based on an imaginary giant breed with a mature weight in the neighborhood of 150 pounds. Among other inherited tendencies, the breed is prone to skeletal problems due to its bizarre tendency to walk on its hind legs. Which is to say, I just made it up. Truly, I don't feel a day over 435.

Aside from the birthday thing I wouldn't usually give my age that much thought, had I not picked up a webcam to use to try out a hands-free mouse. Those things are brutal! (The webcam, I mean, not the hands-free mouse. The mouse is kind of remarkable, about which more another time.) Seriously, I have never been under the impression that I look like Charlize Theron and I'm totally OK with that, but one of the advantages of rarely confronting oneself in the mirror was being able to imagine that I was aging gracefully, you know, along the lines of a Jessica Tandy or Jane Goodall. According to my new webcam, this is not the case.

But for 443, I look pretty darn good.


  1. Proprietary algorithm, imaginary breed, tendency to walk on hind legs...I get it. You were just messing with us nosy folks with calculators ;)

    Oh webcams, those things are seriously evil. I hooked mine up a few years ago when I bought this laptop. YIKES! That's not me. I don't look like that! Never used it since.

  2. urrr umm ok now that you have expalined the dog years LOL So how old am I in dog years? Beings the formula is top secret and all LOL

    I looked at some of the mouses. The mouse works with the web cam? If so I missed that one how does it work?

  3. webcams scare me. lol.

    i have no mouse, just a touchpad but it drives me crazy.

  4. You look FABULOUS at any age! (Keep saying it over and over//cheaper than Botox)