05 November 2010

Remember remember

Remember remember the fifth of November
Gunpowder, treason and plot...
Maybe it's just me, but being burned in effigy every year since 1605 seems a little excessive after the man was tortured, and then sentenced to being hanged, drawn, and quartered. Even if plotting to blow up Parliament was a really bad idea.

I don't suppose it's any creepier than Halloween. Any excuse for a holiday, I guess.

Happy Guy Fawkes day?


  1. Yay...bonfire night!

  2. It is fun to wonder about other country's customs but then attempt to look back at ours with fresh eyes.

    A few years ago I invited an exchange student from Hong Kong to one of my pumpkin carving parties. He posted his pictures online with an explanation to friends at home that went like... Americans take pumpkin and carve bad scary face on it. Then we put candle in it and take photos and drink beer. It was fun.

    A Christian nation with bible-thumping tendencies celebrating a pagan holiday such as Samhain and, yeah, this Guy Fawkes thing...it's all pretty goofy.

  3. Was it not related to some revolt/upriseing of English Catholics? The Guy Fawkes thing that is.

    I am onto why do we kill the poor Turkey's.