02 February 2010

An Old-Timey Groundhog Day

To commemorate Groundhog Day:

And a bonus verse:

The meat'll do to eat and then the hide'll do to wear
The meat'll do to eat and then the hide'll do to wear
The meat'll do to eat and then the hide'll do to wear
I like to say that

Old-timey music is not intellectually pretentious.

And a bonus tune, while I'm on a tear. Devil Eat The Groundhog is my current favorite old-timey tune of all time, and it just happens to have a groundhog in the title. How cool is that? Scarecrow and I used to play it for the Eclectic Cloggers, but this looks like a lot more fun. It's such a typical session at a festival. I love the way the guitar picks it up and joins in partway through. Needs banjo, though.

There are buds on the rather forlorn-looking star jasmine by our front door. It was looking so puny last fall that I wasn't sure it was going to come back this year. I'm happy to see signs of life. It blooms early and smells wonderful. Whenever the groundhog says, spring will be here eventually.


  1. Great choice in tunes!

    Catfish has been playing with his stuffed groundhog more than usual today emm . ... think he knows something we don't?

    So did you play as with instruments or play a record for the cloggers?

    I must know LOL


  2. Jan - Played as with instruments. We started out dancing with the cloggers, but wound up playing music when their band arrangements fell through. I could play (for a given value of the word) longer than I could dance, so eventually we just did that. Scarecrow played fiddle, I played banjo, and we usually rustled up a guitar player somewhere. One time we snagged a mandolin player who was just walking by -- he was pretty good, too! We called ourselves The Better Then Nothing String Band, but I'm not sure we really were. I don't miss performing, but I do miss playing.

  3. Quite the little Blue Grass party animal!! So now I feel compelled to ask if you have any videos of your playing :)

    Bet the band was better than nothing - can't strum a banjo if you are not smiling!

    Course - I can't pick out a tune now even if I am laughing.

    Sucks - MS the gift that keeps on taking, and taking, and . ...

    Clogging attempts by me - augh in a word JOKE!

  4. Jan - Not bluegrass. Old-timey clawhammer style banjo. Slightly less offensive, if only because it's quieter.

    Videos? Not a chance. Some old VHS or audio tapes, maybe. Since there is, conveniently, no evidence to the contrary, I can pretend I was better than I actually was. And we were probably Better Than Nothing.

  5. The birds are busting out too---it is too soon! Isn't it? Even for Seattle? Well, I'm game! (everything is budding around our place) PS---I just KNEW you were a clogger!