16 February 2010

Burger Butt's Birthday

Ernie is 12 years old today. Twelve is not remarkably old for a greyhound, but it's getting up there. He's a little creaky getting up and down, his hind legs are sometimes wobbly, he sleeps more than he used to, and being as how he's a greyhound and greyhounds are world-class sleepers anyway, that means he sleeps a lot. But he's doing OK, considering.

He's had a tough year. Last January his buddy, Iris, died suddenly of a stroke. Then he broke his tail, and had to have it amputated. Twice he's had surgery to remove benign tumors from his thigh, leaving a gnarly-looking scar and saddling him with the name Burger Butt. (OK, I'm the only one who calls him that, but still. It's undignified.) And rather than adopting another laid-back greyhound buddy to keep him company and challenge him to some serious competitive napping, we inflicted a two-year-old whippet on him; a whippet who is cowardly, disrespectful, continually tries to share his bed, and steals his toys. Right out of his mouth.

It really doesn't seem right, somehow.

You shouldn't have to put up with so much, old friend, but we appreciate  that you do. Happy birthday, big guy.


  1. Happy B-day to BB-Ernie. He has a bit of an apprehensive look in his eye. Probably wondering what's up next!

  2. Happy Birthday Ernie!

    Burger Butt! I dunno if I would go for that one emmm ....

    Woofey woofday woo eweoo wuffy woofday rue wru ...


  3. Donna - Ernie frequently looks a little apprehensive, but in that picture he was looking at the bag of organic sesame pretzels somebody was holding behind the photographer's head!

    Catfish and Annie - If I had three treats, I'd give you two. And wouldn't save any for Bareit.

  4. Happy B DaY, BB! Make your mistress mind!