05 February 2010

Is That a Question You Really Want to Ask?

There are questions you shouldn't ask unless you're really sure you want to hear the answer. You know the kind I mean:

"How much worse can it be?"

"What else can go wrong?"

"Could this be any more confusing?"

Really. You don't want to know.

As I struggle to keep my power chair from plowing through our newly sheetrocked and painted wall, there are questions I'm tempted to ask my neurologist when next we meet.

What will I still be able to do this time next year?

What will I be capable of next month? Next week?

What is going to happen to me?

That's right up there with, "Do these pants make my butt look big?"

I won't ask, of course. My neurologist is very knowledgeable, but these are questions for which I know she has no answers. And even if she did, I'm pretty sure I wouldn't want to hear them.

"There is no time but the present."
-- Terry Pratchett
-- A Thief of Time


  1. These questions are right up there with -
    why does my leg bounce?

    why did I but the can opener in the refridgerator - twice in a row after I took it out because it dawned on me that it was wrong?

    Psychic needed - which symptoms will sort of disappear and which ones are here to stay?

    What day will I wake up and not be able to get up?

    Only the evil MS Monster knows for sure.

    And I to don't bother asking the neuro cause the truth is they don't know.

    After I type this I will know what the future holds because when I am done it will be the start of this sentences future.

    I Wonder as I Wander - oh wait that is a Christmas song and I don't want anymore stinking surprise presents!


  2. I used to (used to, who am I kidding I STILL do and now I blog) keep a diary or journal every day since I was in my 20s----and from 1990 many entries started, "Where will I be in 10 years?" ya know, I don't ask or even think much about that anymore. I see now that it doesn't matter. I will survive or die and if I die, not from MS. Why waste energy asking an unanswerable question? It is based on fear. Be unafraid. You will be ok, different, but ok. Get busy ignoring MS. Fear and worry has done me no good. And was folly.
    Jan is right, your neuro don't know. Seattle MS neuros are HIGHLY overrated. IMO

  3. I was a deputy sheriff, ask a question 12 years ago, I was retire by lunch time.