29 September 2009

A Letter From Social Security

The mail yesterday brought a perplexing communication from the Social Security Administration. It has a magic number they tell me I can use to set up a password on the Social Security Administration web site. They tell me not to actually do this until I get the letter approving my benefits, or until I get my first benefit payment. OK fine. Since that's probably still three, or four, or six months away, if they decide to approve my application, I'll set it aside and try not to lose it.

Here's the perplexing part. The magic number is only good until the end of October. Since I applied for benefits September 10, that's less than eight weeks after I submitted my application. What the heck good is a magic number that's only good for eight weeks?

So, whatever. In the unlikely event that they make up their minds in the next month, I'm all set.

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