09 September 2009

Getting our ducks in a row. Or not.

Last week, when our appointment to apply for SSDI was rescheduled, I promised myself I would use the unexpected reprieve to get all the paperwork in order. Of course that didn't happen. I have the information that I'll probably need written down in a text file, but there are two forms that I should probably fill out, and I haven't filled out either one.

The SSDI Starter Kit is a PDF I downloaded from the Social Security website. I suppose the done thing is to print the form and fill it out with a pencil or pen. Since I can't manage paper and pencil, I'd have to ask Scarecrow to help me with it. I hate to ask him to do this, not because he would mind, because he wouldn't, but because he has terrible handwriting. If they had put text input fields in the PDF I could fill it out on my computer, but they didn't.

They tell me I could also complete the report on the SSDI website, even if I plan to file my application in person. I can fill that out online all right, but they ask for different stuff than the Starter Kit. What's up with that?

I really need to deal with these difficult problems earlier in the day. So maybe I'll put it off to tomorrow morning, and be in exactly the same situation I was last week. Except maybe Social Security won't cancel our appointment, so we'll finally get this show on the road.

In chronicling my adventures with Social Security, I never claimed I would be a positive role model. Do as I say, kids, not as I do.

In other news, Ernie is doing well after his surgery, thanks for asking. He's pretty sore and he'll have a whopper of a scar, but the vet says he's in pretty good shape for an old guy. And he'll look really tough. Bareit the whippet wild man is being uncharacteristically respectful and polite.

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  1. When I applied for SSDI, I had all my 'ducks in a row,' and I completed the form online and printed it out. [I, too, have problems writing.] When I had my appointment, I took all the printed forms plus all my medical documentation. I can walk a little, but I used a wheelchair that day -- for my own comfort and to impress upon my interviewer that I really was sick. I think all the pre-planning helped, as I was approved right away. Unfortunately, it was only a small fraction of my former income, and the bills continue to mount. I wish you luck with your interview, and I hope you're approved quickly!