11 March 2013

Bareit Is Ready for His Close-Up

I dithered about posting a link to the video the King County Library System made about how people (being, specifically, Scarecrow and me) use their library. However illusory the veil of Internet anonymity might be, I still find myself clinging to it. KCLS will probably make the video available from their website at some point anyway, but that’s OK because, really, how many people will find it there? Then I figured, what the heck? How many people will find it here?

The whippets, who have never been to the library and can’t even read, pretty much stole the show anyway. As you can imagine, there’s no living with them now.

Edited 12 March 2013, to remove the link to the video on Scarecrow's Facebook page, which was apparently protected by Facebook's privacy controls. (Facebook has privacy controls? Who knew?) Anyway, I'll post a functional link if/when KCLS makes it available from their website. If you'd like a preview, it's here, in PC and Mac format:


Edited some more on 17 March 2013, because I noticed the above link wasn't actually a link. Duh. I know you know how to get there anyway, but I try to be considerate about things like that.


  1. This is what I see:

    Video Unavailable
    This video has either been removed from Facebook or is not visible due to privacy settings.

    in a red box.
    Sorry I didn't get to see it!

  2. Well, no worry here as I can not view the video umm something abut removed from facebook or not visible due to privacy settings.

    maybe because I don't log on to facebook before reading blogs? - well for that matter hardly ever.

    Maybe you decided to stay under the veil of anonymity . ...

  3. Hmm… must be the privacy settings on the video when Scarecrow posted it on Facebook. Let me take another run at it… stay tuned…

  4. Great to finally see your smiling face, Scarecrows, and the Whippets - yeah! I am thinking this was a big step for you to go "public" and forgo the anonymity. I know when I made my first silly video and posted it it was a big deal.

    Your worries about sounding silly sure were unfounded. You guys came off marvelous. Love the piano, photos, and all. The fiddle playing . ... woo hoo great video for the library.

    The video is very well done!

  5. OMG, What a Great Video!

    It's nice to meet you, Teri (though you'll always be Zoomer to me). What nice, quiet doggies you have, and Scarecrow plays a mean fiddle!

    I'm glad that he's back to working at home; I was wondering about how that was going for you.