13 December 2012

Not Today

Sometimes I open up a text editor to start on a blog post without having any idea what I might write about; just hoping inspiration will happen. Sometimes it does. Usually not.

I feel like whatever I write here ought to tie into MS, somehow. That was, after all, my original excuse for starting this blog. But lately, I haven't much wanted to read about MS, and I sure has heck don't want to write about it. If that's denial, so be it. (Really? Gimme a break!)

I feel kind of bad about turning this into a blog about my family history, although I don't know why that should be. I don't expect my family to be of interest to anybody besides me (and a second cousin of Scarecrow's who shares my obsession with stalking dead people), but nobody is compelled to read about it. If I'm worried about boring my adoring readers, I really need to get over myself.

Tuffy's blog is not turning out to be the source of inspiration I had hoped it might be. Her most recent post went up before I resurrected this blog from oblivion, so it hasn't been the source of much competition, friendly or otherwise. Not that motivating me to run off at the keyboard should be her top priority.

What does that leave? The whippets usually become blog fodder when they've done something odious. They haven't lately, as far as I'm aware, besides inflicting a bit more damage on Scarecrow's left slipper, which was already pretty well chewed. On balance, that's probably good.

When I used to write in a paper journal, with a really nice fountain pen, the excuse to pick up a really nice pen was reason enough to come up with something to write. Sometimes it was a note about the weather, and any birds I might have seen during the day. Sometimes that got me started on other things. Sometimes not. Tuffy has my pens now. They don't seem to be working for her.

Maybe something will happen tomorrow.


  1. Write about any subject that pops into your mind -- it's YOUR blog after all. I'm taking a hiatus from writing in order to complete my Christmas preparations, but I love popping in here to read everyone else's posts. So, write what pleases YOU, and I'm sure we'll all just love it.

  2. My thoughts exactly, which is why you don't get to read me more often. This year has not been a good year for me, for posting, that is. Hell, it hasn't been a stellar year for me all around!

    Oh well.

  3. I'm sorta in the same boat. I don't feel compelled to write about MS so much, unless of course it's taking a front seat in a day... I tend to open up the editor and stare at it...

    I have gotten in the habit lately of clipping things I like - quotes, stories, and the like - and saving them in Word... sometimes those things will cause my mind to actually think a little bit...

    I love reading about other people's lives..the day to day stuff... the family, the breakfast, the dogs, whatever.

  4. As of late I also have avoided (?) posting to my blog. Has not been the greatest past few months . ... I see no reason to repetitiously drone on about my woes on my blog and I do sometimes tire of reading about MS.

    I enjoy your hunt after dead people and the Whippet stories - they remind me that life does go on with or without MS.

    Keep it up!!!

  5. I've always been quite taken by your ability to write about "nothing in particular". You capture my attention better than many who have a clear topic!

  6. um..."May you live in interesting times."?

  7. I've only just found you, don't you dare go away will you?! Love your bits and pieces about something and nothing - I think here you've put into words exactly what most of us encounter, actually I wonder if anybody ever really reads my posts, only have solid evidence of ONE! Oh well, I'm giving one person something to occupy themself with for a minute!! My job is done (HAHA!)