10 December 2012

Lucky Me

Sparky left this morning. It was a good visit. He's a good guy, and I always enjoy his company. The dogs accepted him as a member of the pack (as long as he didn't wear his hat – Bareit didn't like the hat). They pretty much abandoned Scarecrow and me, preferring to hang with Sparky. They even slept on his bed most of the night (well, he could've shut the door, couldn't he?). They're moping around by the front door now, waiting for him to come back. I guess if you're looking for a devoted, one-man dog, you wouldn't choose a whippet anyway.

Although I'm sorry to see him go, I can't wait to dig into the pile of stuff he excavated from the sediment that had accumulated on the floor of my dad's office over the years.

Shuffling through it once, quickly, with Sparky, I saw some pretty cool stuff:

  • a receipt for ladies lingerie, which my dad sold door-to-door after he graduated from high school; 
  • the invoice for my dad's first car, a used Studebaker, for which he paid $75 and put $5 down; 
  • v-mail between my dad and his brother when they were in the service during WWII; 
  • a picture of my aunt and uncle at their wedding, with a guy who I'm pretty sure is my grandfather; 
  • a copy of an application my dad submitted for a fellowship, with a whole bunch of information on it that I didn't know.

And Sparky says there's more where that came from.

This will keep me busy for now.

1 comment:

  1. So, let's see. Sans functional hands, that means that Scarecrow gets involved in these endeavors?

    Sounds like quite a gold mine that Sparky left you.