29 October 2011

Typhoid Tuffy


Tuffy came down sick last weekend. I mean sore throat, goopy chest, nasty cough, staying-home-from-the-gym sick. Bad sign. For this kid to stay home from the gym, she has to have one foot in the grave and the other on a banana peel. She says she's feeling some better, but still sounds terrible. She's got kind of cough that hangs on forever.

Scarecrow came down sick a couple of days later. He took off work for a couple of days, and Scarecrow never takes off work. He took off work, even though he's been working from home. That's how sick he was. Even thought about getting somebody in to take care of me, he was that sick.

Me? I'm feeling like an opossum in the middle of the road, trying to ignore the headlights.


  1. Wow he sounds sick...but maybe you can get out of the road or try to dodge the headlights?? just trying to think of ways for you to survive

  2. Stay low Zoom, stay low! If this is the same bug my pals (from Everett) and I had, it's wicked. You don't want to get this. Maybe have them strap a mask on you? Could serve a dual purpose -- protecting you and giving them a laugh in their dire condition.

    Take good care.

  3. I think I know what you are feeling. You certainly don't want to get what they have. Hopefully appropriate germ containment measures are being taken. Masks when in your presence, frequent hand washing, and so on.

    May you stay well, and may the healing begin!!

    my word verification is hytough! LOL