31 October 2011


Samhain is said to be the time of year when the veil between this world and the next is thinnest.

I wouldn't really know about that.

Lots of cultures have some kind of Day of the Dead, set aside to remember family members and friends who have died. That seems a reasonable thing, to me. It's not inherently creepy or evil. It's more like an acknowledgment that death is as much a part of life, and as necessary a part of life, as birth. It's a time to think about the ending of things, accepting losses, coming to terms with them, getting ready to move on. I'm down with that.

So I'm thinking, and accepting, and coming to terms, and getting ready.

And wondering.

Why the heck don't we ever get any trick-or-treaters?


  1. I always wonder why the fact that we all are gonna die is considered creepy?

    We had no trick or treaters because I turned off all the light and hid! Not nice but safer around here.

  2. You wouldn't know about the thin veil between worlds? Didn't try to contact any of your stalkees on Samhain?

    Hmm, coming to terms with death. With upcoming surgery, albeit minor (so he says), I'm perusing my various documents -- powers of health / attorney, advanced health care directive, and will. Am wondering if they need modification.

    It's how the exit goes that has my attention more than the fact that I'll exit one day. Am guessing that might occupy some of your thoughts too.

    I had two parties of trick-or-treaters. Was fun as I knew them all. That was enough excitement for me!

  3. We all wonder about the unknown...I do not have trick or treaters either???

  4. Over the years as I grew out of my Irish Catholic roots I have often found myself raising an eyebrow at the reaction of others to death. That is is not somehow just part of life was part of me from the first wake I ever attended.

    Caregivingly Yours, Patrick