05 July 2011

Oh Say Can You See…

Oh say can you see
By the dawn's early light…

A day late and a dollar short, as usual. I hope any blogger buddies in the US had a festive fourth of July weekend, and I hope your dogs have recovered from the fireworks.

Our narrow dogs seem pretty blasé about the whole fireworks thing, which is odd considering how they can be totally wigged out by much more commonplace occurrences. Like running the vacuum cleaner. Or the power washer.

The other day Scarecrow was using the power washer to blast the moss off the roof. We knew Bareit had issues with this device, but his last experience with it was a while ago, and we thought he might've settled in to where it wouldn't be a problem anymore.

It was still a problem.

After Scarecrow went to work with the power washer, he realized Bareit was nowhere to be found. Even after the latest round of repairs and improvements, it seems he can still get through the fence whenever he wants. So Scarecrow went off to look for him.

A few minutes later, Bareit wandered through the office. I figured Scarecrow found him, let him into the house, and went back out to find out how he was getting through the fence.

A few minutes later, Scarecrow came in. He came back from looking for Bareit to find the click front door standing open, and both Bareit and Jasmine running around in front of the neighbor's house. Apparently, Bareit came home, let himself in, and in doing so, let Jasmine out. Fortunately, they were both very relieved to see Scarecrow, and raced him to the door.

They're never boring. And at least they're not afraid of fireworks.

As Dragon NaturallySpeaking interprets our national anthem:

José can you see
By the dawn's early light…


  1. so your playing Whippet games.
    It amazed me last night that Catfish and Annie ignored the fireworks but went nuts at the gun fire. It was hard to tell the difference sometimes but they knew.

    Wonder if they are afraid of the power washer ummm they like the carwash . ...

  2. Sounds like the 3 Stooges going round and round looking for each other! (I don't mean that in a derogatory sense about Scarecrow.)

    Jake was perplexed that I put the cover on his cat door last night. He sat in the recliner relatively non-plussed about really loud fireworks that made me jump.

    LOL - too funny on Dragon's interpretation!

  3. You have an interesting scarecrow story. Hope you were happy with the pressure washing :) glad you found bareit.

  4. Too funny. In reading the comments...I wonder if pets are more used to our human noises due to TV or video games sounds...