13 July 2011

Going South

Tuffy left for LA yesterday morning. One of her cousins is getting married on Saturday, and I guess she thought that was a good excuse to hang out in southern California for a week. Could do worse. She had to buy the plane ticket, but once she's down there she can stay with my brother Sparky (he's an electrician), and mooch food from various relatives. This is not the first time she's traveled on her own – she went back to Michigan for a wrestling tournament when she was in high school – but it's still an adventure.

Grandma and Grandpa will be happy to see her. Spending time with my brother's boisterous, rowdy, somewhat overwhelming brood will be… different… They're all good people; they're just very… large. They're big people, with big personalities, big voices. When you get several of them together, they really fill a space. She's an only child, from a generally quiet family. She can hold her own, I have no doubt. It'll just be different. Which is good. What would be the point of going someplace if it's the same as the place you left? Besides, other people's weddings are always fun.

Scarecrow and I get to try out the whole empty nest thing. It's still too soon to say how we're going to like it. She's only been gone a day.


  1. It does sound like a good time with Sparky (Funny name for him)...You will like the empty nest after time, well maybe??

  2. Am wondering if there's an echo in the empty nest yet. Usually takes a few days for that to set in.

    Hope T has a good time with the rowdy gang while you folks get to try on the empty nest.

  3. Rowdy peeps are fun when your young.

    Ha I missed getting to say the echo thing oh wells umm how about what do you do with all the extra worms? Ok that was bad but my brain is not firing on all cylinders right now.


  4. LOL, yeah, you will need more than a day to figure THAT one out!