15 June 2011

Three O'clocks

Must be a good day for bugs. Or maybe a bad day, I guess, if you're a bug. A brown creeper and a red-breasted sapsucker have been working over the tree trunk in front of my window. There were showers last night and it's still damp outside. Bareit's head was all wet when he came in from the yard. I wonder what he was doing out there.

What is it about three o'clock, anyway? At three o'clock in the afternoon, I can barely keep my eyes open. Not that it matters – one of the few cool things about not having a day job is that if I fall asleep at my desk, nobody cares. It's more of a problem at three o'clock in the morning, when I'm wide awake. And thinking about, you know, stuff.

Getting up is not an option. I'd have to wake Scarecrow up to do that, and he does have a day job. It's bad enough that I wake him up a couple of times a night to turn me over; let's not make it any worse. Since I can't toss and turn, I'm not going to wake him up doing that. So I'll just think about stuff.

I didn't have anything monumental, or even all that interesting, to think about. I usually don't. We recently watched The Triplets of Belleville, which is a French animated feature. No subtitles required, even for those of us whose French aspires to inadequacy – there's no dialogue. A synopsis of the plot sounds pretty wacky: a woman helps her grandson grow up to be a bicycle racer. When he is kidnapped, she rescues him with the help of his dog and three women she meets. It's about family and friendship, and what people will do for those they love, and all that stuff. And it has the coolest soundtrack ever! We watched it twice before we returned it, but I want to watch it again. Maybe I'll get it for Scarecrow for Father's Day.

I'm bad that way. I admit it. On festive occasions, Scarecrow usually gets gifts that I want myself. I was going to get him a coffee roaster, but decided that was a little obvious since he doesn't really drink coffee. Ditto the birdfeeder, since he's not much into birds. The DVD I think I can get away with.

I could think about something to scribble on my blog. I could write about waking up at three o'clock in the morning; the implications of having my circadian rhythm reversed, because I'm asleep at the one in the afternoon and wide-awake at the one in the morning. That's the kind of idea that seems pretty clever at three o'clock in the morning.

Later in the day I find it doesn't seem nearly so promising.


  1. Comment 1. Based on your recommendation I just put The Triplets of Belleville in my Netflix queue.

    Comment 2 (once I go back to check since can't remember it). On YOUR birthday buy yourself the gift that you want feel guilty/deprived (choose one) on those festive days for Scarecrow. After all, he does have to be the one who gets to use them.

  2. Ok so I am with Webster on the gift thing.

    Messed up time clocks oh yeah! Last week I could not get to sleep I was up at four in the morning. Then falling asleep in the afternoon.

    Now that the heat is here I am liking staying up late when it is cooler. But then trying to get to sleep in the day heat is impossible for me.

  3. Zoom -

    Wow, the thought of that wide-awake for hours (know it too well) gig and not being able to toss and turn. Gads.

    French animated feature with no dialogue -- you guys definitely are a couple std deviations from the middle of the bell ;) In my world, that's not a bad thing.