07 June 2011

The Odd-Fish

"As an Odd-Fish, it is not my job to be right", said Sir Oort. "It is my job to be wrong in new and exciting ways."
-- James Kennedy, The Order of Odd-Fish
I need to read this book. I don't know anything else about it, but I obviously need to read it. I mean, really, how could I not? I've never heard of an Odd-Fish, but Sir Oort is obviously talking about me.

So many books, so little time.

The problem with sites like goodreads.com, and with the King County Library System online catalog for that matter, is that there are so many books! I can spend hours browsing, hopelessly adding even more books to my already hopelessly long list of things to read, using time I could spend reading to make an already hopeless problem even worse. Clever, no?

So I have a gloomy afternoon with nothing much else going on. I think I'll spend it making my Books to Read list a few pages shorter.


  1. And I thought my book list was problematic! Well now that I browse the used books at the Goodwill I end up with an odd assortment in the waiting to be read pile.

    It is interesting and annoying at the same time. Because I can not always find a particular series in order I end up reading them out of order.

    Where I used to carry a list of the books I have read I now bring a list of those I wish to read.

    Now perhaps I will add The Order of The Odd Fish!

    It is your fault - seriously - and now I am thinking I should update my library at the library thing - augh!


  2. I've loaded so many books into my Kindle that I think it may explode! I might even get around to reading them someday...


  3. HA! That's what I do - browse through the catalogs (TPL and Pierce County, and Overdrive Media) and keep adding to my queue. I also go through Oprah's picks and lists in a few magazines, adding to my own. But with spending time Zentangling and crocheting and watching Netflix movies and TV, my own list just seems to grow and grow.

    After a two month dry spell, I have listened to a few this week; So I won't let myself feel too guilty about it. And don't you, either.

  4. Zoom - I know nothing of the book, but it's a great quote. Dive in.

    Jan - Umm, yeah. Library -- all sorts of books you want -- from any library in the system -- in multiple formats -- free. Just sayin...

    I miss reading, really got get something figured out with my eyes. Downloaded the library software for audio books, but it was rather monotonous and boring. Maybe should try a couple more. Zoom, I know you're not thumbing through books, what format do you use?

  5. Donna - I like holding em when I read and yeah I have a library card :)

  6. I am a believer in book therapy. I have so many positive oriented books my book shelf looks like a house full of Dr. phils live here.

  7. This is the author of "The Order of Odd-Fish." I demand you read my book immediately.

  8. Patti qualified for the "talking book" program years ago and books began arriving my mail from The Library For The Blind, with an inventory far beyond any public library.

    Caregivingly Yours, Patrick

  9. I like the name of the book so go for it. I also liked the movie "Big Fish" and they have nothing to do with each other. =)

  10. I once was a speed reader. Now...I have a library here at the home, my kindle, I ORDERD a book from Amazon...is there a rehab for this disease? Now I am writing at same time and just like I am always holding 2 books at once to read, so am I writing 2 at a time, plus blog, plus FB---I am one sick puppy. (PS STILL have not gotten new glasses)