02 May 2011

Mayday! Mayday!!

Hal an' tow, jolly rumble-o,
Leap an' caper all befor' the day-o!

Oh wait. That was yesterday.

Well, I really did imagine pulling out the old Morris kit, putting on the vest, tying on the bells, and dancing the sun up. I must've done a good job of it, too, because we had a beautiful spring day yesterday. Today, of course, it's back to being gloomy and gray and leaky. And I've got the Fools Jig tune stuck in my head. Appropriately and, apparently, permanently.

Scarecrow spent the weekend ridin' fence. I always thought that was a chore associated with containing livestock, but maybe the phrase 'little dogies' pertains to whippets, too. They had all day yesterday to test his repairs. Of course they didn't, because we were home. They were quite happy to hang out in a sunny spot in the yard with the rest of the pack. Today will be the test.

When Scarecrow came in, grubby and sweaty, from working in the yard, I realized how much I miss being able to do that. Not fixing fence – that's never a fun job – but generally grubbing around outside, getting dirty. Running or hiking or riding a bike, and coming in sweaty enough to have to quarantine my clothes. Pulling weeds! Death to blackberries! (If you're not from around here, Himalayan blackberry is an invasive species that is attempting to use the Pacific Northwest as a base from which to take over the planet.) Death to English ivy! (Ditto.) In addition to being cathartic, ripping out weeds is a great way to get dirty. Planting vegetables and herbs and flowers. Watering and weeding and sticking my fingers in the dirt for no reason at all. Having to leave muddy shoes at the door, and use a brush to scrub the dirt out from under fingernails. It's hard to come up with a way to get really dirty these days. I'll have to work on that.

Happy belated Bealtaine!


  1. I so agree. Wouldn't it be luverly to get all muddy and stinky just from doing chores?! Ahhhh, the good old days...

  2. Often washing up at not is harder than I deem its worth!
    But, I do it anyway very begrudgingly

  3. Oh, that's right. As a clogger, you truly do know how to properly welcome in May Day even if in your head. I remember seeing a group practicing at Gas Works park in Seattle -- very cool.

    I'm sorry you can't grub. I know that my few plant containers on my teeny deck give me great pleasure or grief (aphids).

    Laughed about the blackberries taking over the planet from the PNW. Many years back I lived in a community house in Seattle. We picked some of our neighbor's blackberries (they were hanging over into our yard) and made a pie. Being proper Seattleites, we felt guilty and discussed whether we should offer some to our neighbor as we polished off said pie. The next day he hacked the whole bush out -- so we felt better!

    Hope the fence works for containing the bad boys.


  4. May Day? I missed it? Yikes musta been my calendar oh it was I - forgot to flip over to the next month.

    Attack of the blackberries LOL