19 May 2011

Another Exciting Day

OK, I give up. Waiting for something exciting or noteworthy to write about – even if I set the bar for "exciting" or "noteworthy" pretty low – makes for a pretty sparse blog. Never let it be said that not having anything to say kept me from saying anything. You've been warned.

The latest issue of the Greyhound Pets, Inc. newsletter is off to the printer. I wish this was a project I could get more excited about. Maybe I just don't play well with others. Still, the point is not to have a good time, it's to help out GPI. Other people seem to be happy enough with the result. So, OK. That's done.

Some while ago one of my cousins sent me a photo of some of my mom's siblings when they were kids.

I had never seen it before, so I sent it to my mom to see if she could tell me who was in it. My mom couldn't remember where the picture might have been taken, and wasn't sure which kid was which. In her defense, she really can't see very well anymore, and it was a long time ago, and 11 siblings are a lot to keep track of. I tried to figure it out starting with the birth sequence (boy, boy, boy, girl, boy, girl, girl, girl, boy, boy, girl, girl) and the difference in ages, but just couldn't make it fit.

It remained a mystery until my cousin, who still lives in Ohio near my (our) Uncle Al, found time to visit him and ask about the picture. According to Al, it was taken September 9, 1927. At the time, he said, the family lived at 1525 Milburn Ave. The photo was taken in front of the neighbor's house, at 1523 Milburn Ave. The reason I couldn't match all of the faces with names on the family roster is that they don't all belong there – two of the kids in the picture were neighbors, and two of the kids in the family weren't in the picture. They are, from left to right (because I know you really want to know this):

James Carl, 1 yr.
Edward Lewis, 13
Harriet Ann, 10
name and age unknown, neighbor
Verne, age unknown, neighbor
Marie Helen, 6 (my mother, since I know you're wondering)
Virginia, 4
George Francis, 8
Alma Louise, 2

At the time this was taken the other two boys in the family were Charles Ernest, who would have been 16, and Fred, who would've been 12.

In the years after this moment was saved for posterity, my grandmother had three more children, rounding out an even dozen, and replacing the original mystery (who are these kids?) with another. My Uncle Al wasn't born until six months after this picture was taken. So how did he know all this stuff?

If this is what passes for exciting, I think maybe I need to get out more.


  1. Well I don't even know you, found your blog by accident, and loved reading this post! I just like sight hounds I guess, and the fact you have ms is if interest cos I too have ms (diagnosed 15 months age, learning to live with it). My household has three pharaoh hounds and a standard schnauzer.
    I blog, poorly, and spend way too much time not doing things I'm supposed to be doing.

  2. Uncle Al has obviously taken an interest in family lore at some point and discussed these pictures with somebody. It's great that he has a good memory of what he heard.

    My Mom was going to write names/dates on the back of all the photos, and the albums were given to my brother who now has no idea where they are. Lovely, no? They could have been given to me where they would be safe upstairs in the old trunk - just like they were all my life. But ... No.

  3. Are you kidding? I love reading posts like this!! Don't stop!

  4. Well for not having much to share you shared a lot. My parents went through my Grandmother's photos and tossed any that they did not know who they were - augh. One was her very first boyfriend - thanks ma.

    On the hand my Grandfather took photos till us kids just wanted to hide. He stored them in shoe boxes and labeled them all! Yeah Grandpa. My Aunt has them now and well - they are safe put no one is doing anything with em. I always wonder what she has.


  5. Hi Zoomdoggies,
    Great post and photo really glad I came by to visit and say hello.
    Thanks for sharing.

  6. I always was the one interested in the family stories from grandparents and penciling in who was who on the back.

    My grandmothers are gone and there are boxes of photos -- unlabeled. It makes me sad looking at them. Who are these people? I also keep talking about preserving them (acid free, temp control, maybe digitize -- course, then you can debate what is the enduring format, etc.). Mom just looks at me when I talk like that. She not the sentimental type and would just as soon dump them and have more room in the closet.

    Love the haircuts - so classic for that time period.

    Thanks for sharing.