25 March 2011

There's an Outside, Outside!

I really need to get out more.

There are doors that go outside the house. I had almost forgotten.

It's been amazing. For the last three days in a row, the middle part of the day has been sunny and warm. And dry. Sunny and warm and dry enough to eat lunch outside. I had forgotten how much fun that was.

Scarecrow has been working on the deck, replacing some rotten boards. The month he had between jobs seemed like it would be a lot of time to work on household projects, but somehow there's less than a week left. How does that happen?

I'm bracing myself for when Scarecrow heads back to the salt mines, for all that I'm glad he's got a mine to go back to. It's not like I actually do any work when I go with him to work, but with the going and coming, it's a lot harder than staying home. So I'm enjoying these last few days of not-work. And if it's sunny and warm and dry enough to eat lunch outside, how cool is that?


  1. sun? what is that? Enjoy your time outside sounds peaceful :)

    It is strange to me when I moan about how there is nothing to do and then there is something to do it messes with my routine LOL

    One week of basking in the sun sounds super to me.

    Have fun soaking it all in.

  2. Zoomer - the arrival of warmth and sun in the spring is the best! We are having a very slow transition to spring so haven't yet had a chance to get outside on the patio ... lunch outside sounds wonderful. Enjoy your last week of non-work!

  3. Lucky you with the nice weather -- I just wrote how spring is eluding us here on the east coast.

  4. Yeah, we had some great teaser days didn't we? I wintered over a few deck plants inside for the first time. Appears to have worked on two out of three. Am itching to take them out to the deck, but I know it's too soon. Glad you got out to enjoy the weatheer.

    The getting up early, commuting, and being up all day sounds really tiring. But glad it's a solution that's available and works for you.

    I get how the time slips away between jobs. I used to do seasonal work and had two times a years when it was expected that I wouldn't work. The time always flew by.


  5. Savor the moments!

    Caregivingly Yours, Patrick