16 February 2011

Pop Sprung a Leak

My dad is back in the joint.

My brother (I'll call him Sparky – he's an electrician) called the other day to say that dad was weak and a little confused. Like, too weak to get out of bed. They got him in to the doctor, and found that his hemoglobin was way low. Again. He's sprung another leak.

They packed him off to the hospital, where they filled him up with blood. After that, Sparky said he was looking and sounding better. Now they need to find out where he's leaking.

Dad has a history of bleeding from holes in his gut. It has almost been the end of him on several previous occasions. If that's what it is, this time they probably caught it early. Who knows? He's 90 years old, for Pete's sake. He's got a lot of miles on the chassis. They're keeping him in the hospital for tests.

My mom, who is 88 herself and has more than her own share of medical problems, seems to be getting by on a combination of willful ignorance and denial. Sparky said she had a total emotional meltdown when he talked to her on the phone this morning, but by the time I called she had all the input filters firmly back in place. Whatever works, I say.

Whatever works.


  1. I hope that Pop gets to feeling better soon.

    My mother went through a similar situation (although it was her first) in September. Afterwards I was really upset with the ER doctors who failed to express the seriousness of a hemoglobin which was 3.4. I learned about that later.

    It took four units of blood to get her up to 7.8 or 7.9. Still low, but at least out of critical danger. The doctors were amazed that she hadn't had a heart attack due to the low blood counts and that she slowly walked in under her own power (mostly).

  2. I to hope that your Pop gets to feeling better. Strange when parents are no long invincible.