28 February 2011

More Odds Than Ends

Blue sky and snow. We don't see too much of either of those things in Seattle, but last Wednesday we had both. Kind of unsettling.

When I don't feel like putting together a blog post, it's usually either because there hasn't been much going on, or a lot has been going on, and I haven't been able to sort it out. This time there has been lots going on, with the sorting definitely running way behind.

Most immediately, today is the last day for Bob's Books and Adult Day Care. Although the warehouse is looking pretty empty, there's still a lot of stuff to clear out. Scarecrow has worked here for almost 15 years, so not working here will definitely be a change, for him and for us. He's following up on a couple of job leads. If any of those turn into an offer, we'll see what we can do to make them work, day care-wise. In the meantime, we've got plenty of half-finished household projects to keep him busy.

A couple of people asked about the home-roasted coffee I mentioned in my last post. It was not roasted in our home, but in the home of one of the women who came to visit. Her husband has started buying green coffee beans in bulk, and roasting them himself. She says they bought a roaster, but that you can roast beans in the oven, or in a modified hot air corn popper. The end result, I've got to say, was pretty tasty.

I need to put some time in on the next issue of the Greyhound Pets, Inc. newsletter. Tell me again why I volunteered to write an article about intestinal parasites?

Scarecrow sent me this the other day:

Not A Handicap WIN

Before you start in on me, I understand about disabilities that may not be apparent to the casual observer. I am not equating that with being lazy. Been there, done that, I get it. This is about people who really ought to know better than to park in a space reserved for people with a disability. Just a funny way to make the point, is all I'm sayin'.

That's about it. Lots of odd, not many ends.


  1. Wow, Zoom, where do I start? Warehouse packing up, green coffee beans, intestinal parasites and handicap parking.

    Seriously, good luck to Scarecrow job-wise and to you both in figuring out a good solution for "day care".

    I thought the sign was funny. I'm so weird about using the handicap spots, I'll circle the lot trying to find a spot almost as close. And, then there's my neighbor who has long, long since recovered from knee surgery who thinks her handicap permit is mighty handy during rush hour at the stores.

    Have fun researching and writing about intestinal parasites :)

  2. Blue sky and snow, the closing of the work place, home roasted coffee beans (really), intestinal parasites, and a fun sign - all in one post!

    What more could a reader ask for?

  3. I once made a CA cop laugh. As he was writing out a parking ticket for someone in a handicap spot, I yelled out, "You should tell them those spots aren't for mentally handicapped."

  4. I love that handicap sign. I/m about to release a story that sort of deals with the same thing. I'm focusing on the handicap bathroom stall!

  5. Well, didn't get to use that one but found a website more of the same type of signs! So now, you can check out my blog and tell me what you think! Nicole