03 January 2011

Decisions, Decisions

I've spent the last couple of weeks trying to decide which I need more: a keyboard (that is, voice-recognition software), or a mouse (or the head tracker equivalent).

Not surprisingly, both voice-recognition and head tracker mouse software place considerable demands on processor resources; resources which my aging laptop does not possess in any abundance. The CPU, which was quite the ticket in its day, is just not up to the task. It was doing pretty much OK with Dragon NaturallySpeaking, as long as I was using a regular hardware mouse. However, replacing the regular mouse with head tracker mouse software, which is a total CPU hog, was just asking a little too much. They would both load, and run, but I couldn't... do... anything. If I opened a browser (Firefox) or an e-mail client (Thunderbird), they would crash. Same for my database and checkbook applications. Nothing spectacular, just...*poof*

By alternately disabling DNS or the head tracker I might be able to get through checking my e-m*poof*

Or not. Sending e-mail wa*poof*

I tried balancing my checkbook, but th*poof*

OK. I need both a keyboard AND a mouse, or their logical equivalents. I want both. And I need to have enough system resources left over to run applications without crashing.

Software is available these days that can do ever more magical things, if you've got the hardware to handle it. It's shallow of me, I know, but one of the things I miss about working for a software company was always having a computer that was fast enou*poof*

This is not a great time to buy a new com*poof*

Well cr*poof*


  1. computer whoa's . ...
    I just spent a few days dinking with all things bits and bytes. Somehow got a virus or something that disabled the anti virus program and was somehow corrupted firefox YIKES!

    Cleaned up the registry and my puter is running like new - well sort of LOL

    Under powered hardware - seems soon as you get up to date the newer programs/updates start adding up and nest thing it is crawling.

    I think you need a new com"poof" so you can do what yah gotta do. Why shallow? fast enou"pof' is way cool.

  2. I'm keeping my fingers crossed (as well as other body parts) that my computer will last. I've fried the motherboard of my desktop, so I totally rely now on my laptop. Batteries are expensive, so I keep it on AC power. I lose WiFi, so I keep it hardwired. My computer is my lifeline to the world, so I don't want it to *pouf* and I cannot afford a new one. So, the appendages stay crossed!

  3. Ditto to Jan's comment -- new computer to do what you have to do. Of course, easy to say. I spend other folk's money quite nicely.

    Good luck with a solution.

  4. You are so right about new software. To arms! My 8 yr old PC cowers at the approach of new software. That someone would even design adaptive software such as as a 'head tracker mouse' that is not CPU resource efficient is nuts.

    Caregivingly Yours, Patrick