31 July 2010

Vacation. ish.

We are on day five of a vacation. Of sorts.

I'm having a little trouble figuring out how to do it. Used to be, we'd take a couple of weeks and go someplace. First, we'd have to find a time when Scarecrow and I could both take off of work, and Tuffy would be out of school. Some years, it seemed like trying to find this chunk of time was like solving an n-dimensional jigsaw puzzle. We'd usually be camping, of one style or another, or going up to Scarecrow's family's cottage in northern Ontario, which is like camping except with a roof and it takes a lot longer to sweep the dust and mouse poop out of the cottage than it does to set up a tent. Or we'd go visit family somewhere, which is not like camping and we'd have to be nice. Before we left there'd be planning and organizing and packing, then there would be places to go and people to meet and things to do. And then we would come home.

This is different. For Scarecrow you could call it a staycation, or more precisely a FixStuffAroundTheHousecation because he's got a list of stuff to fix that he will never live long enough to finish even if he works from sun up to sun down and finally goes back to work to get some rest. For me, particularly since I no longer have a day job and still can't really steer my power chair well enough to go anyplace, it's not much different than any other time except if the weather's nice I can sit out in the backyard instead of being cooped up in one office or another. So I'm doing what I always do, which is nothing much. If I'm not doing anything, why would I need a vacation from doing it? And what would I do instead?

So I guess I feel like I should be doing something different from what I usually do, but I don't know what that would be. If life is like being on permanent vacation, who am I to complain?


  1. I'd think you would want a view vacation -- change of scenery, eh? Hope with Scarecrow at home on his staycation, that you can get a bit of that.

    Who are you to complain?...well, I'm surprised that you don't exercise the bitching option a wee bit more. Yeah, yeah, I know. Stay positive...Always look on the bright side of life [whistle, whistle].

  2. funny...I was just wondering how you were doing since I hadn't seen a post lately when I scrolled down on my reader and there you were!!
    How is everything? Did you decide to try and go for the head array system or ??
    I just got back from a vacation that was much better than expected. Always good to not have expectations then be pleasantly surprised! We also have started the addition to our house just took a month longer than expected to get the permit. I am sorry to have missed you at Diane's,hopefully we can meet up sometime.

    Take Care Gretchen

  3. Change of input different sights and sounds?

    Doing nothing takes a lot of energy just to stay positive.

  4. Perhaps a complaincation would be in order? :)

    Caregivingly Yours, Patrick