19 July 2010

Mighty Hunters

Note to local squirrels: whippets are really fast.

Note to whippets: squirrels bite.

PS to note to whippets: if you get past the bitey part, squirrels make a noise kind of like a squeaky toy.

PPS to note to whippets: the squeaker doesn't last very long.


  1. Sounds like you've got some good entertainment going on! And, uh, maybe I'm dim, but are you saying the whippet won?

  2. Oh no, that is enough to set the scene for some gruesome play/hunt which I assume occurred in your yard. Yikes!

  3. Note to Donna: the whippet won.

    Note to Lisa: fortunately Scarecrow managed to head him off before he made it into the house with his new toy. That would've been gruesome.

    Scarecrow's intervention was, however, too late for the squirrel. And we're going to have to start calling Bareit 'Ol' Scarface'.

  4. Feel like sending said whippet to the East Coast? I have squirrels all over the yard, and when it's cold, they think my attic is a Holiday Inn! They even eluded the caring heart trap Hubby set up. I could really use that whippet.

  5. LOL. That post did remind me to buy a new squeaky toy because Gini de-squeaked her squeaky toy.

    How is that even possible?

  6. Note to Bareit: Aren't you glad now, that your owners made you get that Rabies shot!?

  7. Oh my! Last squirrel V pet I watched was our cat Tatter - the squirrel won for sure.

    I feel bad for the poor squeaky toy but glad that Bareit got away with only scar face

  8. Squirrels bore our cat, Stardust. Chipmunks fascinate her and yes she believes in bringing them inside to finish playing with her food before eating.

    Caregivingly Yours, Patrick