17 December 2009

Red Queen Redux

Yesterday I had an appointment with the physical therapist. I've worked with this woman for years, checking in with her every time the Red Queen challenges me to another race. She's not only very good at what she does (the therapist, I mean, not the Red Queen, who is also very good at what she does, which is why I need to see the therapist), she's a great person as well. I like her a lot.

The reason for this visit is that, once again, I'm looking for another way to control my power chair. I was in for the same problem just six months ago, but I've lost so much function in my arms and hands since then that the solution we cobbled together is already not working for me anymore. We talked about solutions that I could probably afford, which might work for a little while. And we talked about options that might provide a longer-term fix, but would probably exceed the maximum my insurance will pay for durable medical equipment. All of which assumes I can get my COBRA continuation coverage set up, which is a whole 'nother rather tiresome story. The upshot of all this is that we will talk to a DME provider, find out how this might work, and what it might cost. And I'll talk to the COBRA administrator to get the insurance thing straightened out. You know, dealing with a disability is bad enough, but doing what you have to do to be able to deal with the disability is a real pain in the butt!

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  1. Not clear on all ur prob w/PC, but The Scooter Store man I deal with was up for pimping my ride however I needed. Just a thought, and remember---those power chairs(I learned) can be redesigned to operate as YOU need it. Over the days ahead you may make many changes. Finding the right person to do it is the trick. I found many people from Seattle on Craig's List who were willing to help me walk! Hang in there---took me YEARS to get my right chair fit. (and al I have to say for PTs is #$%^&*()_P{ my @#$%)