20 December 2009

Home Alone

Scarecrow just left for the grocery store. He won't be gone long. It's only a mile away, and he's only going to pick up a couple of things. So I'm here by myself.

It's scary.

I haven't been a quadriplegic for very long, so I'm still getting used to it. Being entirely by myself, nobody within hollering distance, is probably a bad idea. Since I'm very good at imagining, I can imagine all kinds of things that might happen that would require opening doors, or pulling plugs, or turning knobs, or pushing buttons, or calling 911, or, oh, I don't know, anything. None of which I can do. None of these dire circumstances are very likely, I know, but still.

I don't like this. I always liked being by myself. I got testy and unpleasant if I had to be around other people all the time. I do not like being entirely dependent on another person, to an extent I never could have imagined.

Oh never mind. He's back. I know we need to make provision for times like this, I know I know I know. I know we need to get some respite time for Scarecrow. I know we do. Tomorrow for sure. I'll think about that tomorrow.


  1. Thanks for voicing some of the things that I'm sure go through my Skip's mind when she's alone at home. I give her the panic pendant that works with our alarm system and two phones so she does have some means to contact others in an emergency. We always leave at least one door unlocked when I go out.

    But, things can go wrong. Before we smartened up, I once left her two phones but not the panic pendant. I left her legs elevated (the leg lifter thing on the wheelchair is manual). She dropped both phones. She couldn't really move because her legs were out straight. She was very frustrated when I got home.

  2. Oh, and one other thing ... It's odd you called this post "home alone," as I have a post partially written with the same title. Though, of course, it's about being home along while Skip is in the hospital.

  3. Hello! I will have to start at the beginning of your blog as I do not know your story. =)

    But for now I will say it makes a lot of sense, what you are feeling.

    When the holidaze pass, I will return and read your story.

  4. Cranky - Your kind of "Home Alone" is plenty scary too, in a different way. Thanks for keeping us posted. You know how I worry...

    Sherry - You're welcome to read further, whenever you find the time and/or inclination. Your blog is one of my regular stops!

  5. I know just what you mean. I was a loner. To feel that...fear, still can't get used to it and I now live in an assited living home!! I couldn't be less alone, but when she leaves for lunch...I try to sleep until she returns. It is a psychological hurdle I must get over. I HATE the feeling. sigh. OH crap, on to happier things---there is an award awaiting you on my blog! woo hoo (Closest I could find to a greyhound...sorry. Use your imagination. LOL) Happy Holidays!

  6. Diane - Strange, isn't it? How we cope with situations we never expected to be in. But somehow, we do.

    Thanks for the award. I'm flattered to be in such excellent company!