06 November 2009

Out of the Loop

They sprung mom from the hospital yesterday afternoon. As usual, it was my brother who took off work to do the fetching and carrying and running around. He's a great guy, my younger sibling. We're all lucky he lives close enough to help, and that he does it without complaint. It's not like I could be any help if I were there --  I'd be underfoot, more like -- but I'm sure as heck no help from 1200 miles away. In fact I'm just one more chore, because he's got to call me and tell me what's going on. This is not an MS thing. It's an Aging Parents Living Far Away thing. It's a problem for which I wish I  had a solution.

Anyway, she's doing OK. For now.

Since I can't do anything useful, I might as well do something fun. We're off to a UW volleyball game against Stanford. I'm still getting used to this whole spectator sport thing. It seems odd to critique the game played by these tall, slender, athletic people, when I myself could never play volleyball worth a darn. But for Pete's sake, what's up with all the service errors?

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