21 October 2009

A Magic Number

Today I finally got around to going to the Social Security web site and using the magic number they sent me at the end of last month to create a new magic number which I will use for access to the web site. Really. They set me an eight digit number, which I used to create a seven digit password. One that will be easy for me to remember, but not my Social Security number, or my address, or my phone number, or the address or phone number of anybody I know, or my birthday, or the birthday of anyone in my family, or anything stupid like 1234567 or 3333333, or any of the 8 million numbers I've had to memorize in a functional member of American society. And don't write it down on a Post-it note and stick it to your monitor!

It was the highlight of my day. Hey, it's a Wednesday. The bar isn't set   very high.

I have an envelope at home from the long-term disability company. I talked to the LTD lady on the phone a couple of weeks ago, and she warned me it was coming. It's another many-page form explaining why I think I'm disabled, and why I don't think I'll be getting better anytime soon. I haven't opened it. I'm having trouble getting excited about going through all this one more time.

OK, she says (pulling up socks). One more time...

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  1. After yet another hour on phone w/Medicare explaining SAME things (their computer says I NEVER called b4) I feel your pain. Pull up ur sox and take a deep breath! WE SHALL OVERCOME!