20 October 2009

Don't Get Around Much Anymore

Scarecrow and I went to the UW volleyball game last Friday night. They beat UCLA, 3-1. We didn't go to the game on Saturday, but they beat USC (yessssss!) 3-2. They had a little more trouble with USC than generally expected, but I guess if the team that was supposed to win always won, they wouldn't have to play the game, would they?

It was nice to get out, for a change. I don't remember how long it's been since I went someplace besides the place Scarecrow works, or a doctor's office. I usually mean to go along when Scarecrow runs errands on the weekend, just for a change of scenery, but when the time rolls around I've either run out of energy, or I'm apprehensive about being able to negotiate heavy traffic in my chair without inflicting fatalities. Or I start thinking about how, if you're sitting down in a crowd, all you see are butts, and most of them aren't really all that attractive.

So it was nice to get out. Kind of overwhelming, in a way. Lots of noise (although I could have chosen something less crazy than a Pac-10 volleyball game), lots of color, lots of stuff to look at. Lots of fun.

There's a home game against Stanford in a couple of weeks. I'm in! I may even get crazy, and go to the grocery store this weekend. Or the library. Or Costco... No. Wait. Scratch that....

1 comment:

  1. Zoom - I knew wheelchair riders were at bellybutton level to most of us, but I never thought of that perspective from the butt-side. Too funny!

    I know it's hard to get out, but enjoy whatever you do. Maybe you've hit on spectator sports or other spectator activities as a good outing.