09 December 2013

Face Time

Yesterday, Scarecrow went into the office. Physically. In person. To meet with his boss, both in the same room, at the same time. I don't remember when he last had to do that, but it's been a while.
As usual, I went along. Since it was Sunday, I wasn't really needed in my usual role of Enabler to Use the HOV Lane, but staying home would've required hiring a babysitter and I still haven't really come to terms with that.
Every time we make that commute, I'm glad we don't have to make it more often. If you're not from around here, Lake Washington is a long, skinny lake gouged out by a careless glacier, stretching much of the length of the greater Seattle area. We live just above the very top of this long, skinny lake, and Scarecrow's workplace is just past the very bottom. A route down either side of the long, skinny lake takes you through some of the ugliest traffic the Seattle area has to offer, and Seattle can offer you some very ugly traffic indeed. Once every couple of months is plenty for me, thanks.
The whippets don't like it much, either. They've become accustomed to having our pack together all the time, and they like it that way. If they found something inadvisable to do to entertain themselves while we were gone, they managed to hide their tracks.


  1. I-5 through Seattle can be a nightmare. On Christmas we're going from Tacoma to Anacortes and back. Let the good times roll!

  2. Well, that is a gratitude moment. I've biked, bused, walked and driven the Seattle - Bellevue mess and soooo don't miss that. Glad you don't have to do it often. And, yeah, our pets do get used to us being around don't they?