05 October 2013

Branching Out

Can't do it. My relatively-recently-developed obsession with family history feels like a different thing, and leaving it here, tossed in with everything else, just seems wrong, somehow. Besides, it offends my compulsion to have things neatly organized. This blog is already messy enough.

Mostly I'm learning to recognize the glazed look people get when I start off on a family-related tear.

So, henceforth, I'll be Stalking Dead People in a place I've set aside for the purpose. I call it Out on a Limb, and there's a link to it above. You can check it out if you're interested, or skip it if you're not. If you find it as engaging and fascinating as a textbook on advanced particle physics, well, you've been warned.

Everything else will go here. Dogs and books and living relatives and MS and whingeing about anything that strikes me as worthy of complaint. It will be as engaging and fascinating as it's ever been.

Well, you've been warned.


  1. Been interesting watching you sort through this as I ponder blogging again. Yet, I too had a mis-mash of things and wondered how crossed genre blogging would work. So, you're the blog mistress of two blogs -- good for you Zoom Ormley Teri!

  2. 'Interesting' is a good word for it. Juggling two accounts has obviously created something of an identity crisis, but then, I'm easily confused :)