22 September 2013

But It's Not Fall Yet!

It sure looks like fall. It's blustery and blowy and fall-colored leaves are sailing past my window. But the autumnal equinox isn't until 1:44 PM. We should get another four hours and 10 minutes of summer!

It's not like we didn't have a summer this summer. We did. We had more than our usual share of beautiful warm sunshine.

I'm just not ready for it to end.


  1. Well, we are having absolutely gorgeous 'pre-fall' weather here in the mid-Atlantic area. Coolish temps, bright sun, and leaves haven't changed yet.

  2. I am so happy summer is gone!!! It was way too long for me.

  3. YES. Fall has arrived with a bang this year, and I think it is because we did have such a consistently beautiful Summer (which is not the norm around these parts).
    AND NOOOOOOO, I don't want cooler weather. Not yet. I've been spoiled!!
    And does this forebode one of our REAL SNOWY WINTERS? We haven't had one of those for awhile. The "Snowmageddon" Seattle had a few years ago didn't affect us in quite the same way. But I am getting ahead of myself in worry.